Do Not Forget Me Flower Symbol Of Eternal Love

Don’t Forget me: Features

The plant genus Myosotis, which in Greek means mouse ears with the characteristic shape of their petals, belongs to the family of Boraginaceae, which includes about 50 different species of annual or perennial herbs, some also known as not forgetting me.

The flowers are usually arranged in tops are paired, generally have no bracts or in some species are present in the lower part.

The calyx is regularly divided up to half or more, it is shaggy due to the presence of tiny bristly hairs all the same and uniform, sometimes straight, stuck and facing upwards, or hooked or of two types, some bristly, usually hooked and more or less licenses, others shorter, thin, straight or even arched.

The corolla of this flower is rotated or rotated-imbutiform, has a short tube, the mouth equipped with five glandular gibbosities, white or yellow and usually included. The flap is regularly divided in five lobes, slightly concave or flat, usually of blue color (even if, at times, it may be white, yellow or yellow and blue).

The blooms of these plants are very early and notoriously its flowers attract many insects, especially butterflies and bees.

Don’t Forget Me Flower Of Easy Cultivation

Like all the different species of Myosotis, also the not to forget me is a flower simple enough to cultivate, very resistant and leathery needs little attention.

It can be grown both in pots and in the garden to get an early flowering and give the garden a delicate touch of color early on.


Although it is a fairly resistant plant that adapts well to any place, whether sunny or not, it prefers places in the middle of the shade to have a more luxuriant and lasting flowering.


Soft soil, rich in organic substances or slightly clayey, to favour the persistence of humidity. Obviously, make sure that it is also well drained to avoid water stagnation, in the case of plants grown in pots or flowerpots.


The Don’t forget me is a plant that needs, like all plants, water to live but does not want you in abundance.

The frequency of watering to ensure that minimum moisture intake, will be at least once a week, different speech in the periods of prolonged heat and humid periods in which it will be necessary to increase the frequency and water the plant even two or three times a week.

As already said, absolutely avoid water stagnations in case of cultivation in pots and flowerpots, in order to avoid the rottenness of the roots.


Do not forget me, if planted in the garden, does not require special fertilization. However, if it is grown in pots or flowerpots and well give the plant an aid with specific fertilizer for flowers and plants, and depending on the type of administration will vary so it will be good to read carefully the advice on the use or at least get advice from your trusted phytodealer.

Multiplication and Propagation of the Do not Forget Me

The propagation of this plant happens more frequently by sowing but, depending on the species, it can happen also by cuttings, or by division of the tufts.

Propagation by sowing. Sowing should be done at the end of summer or early autumn, depending on the climate, in order to have the first seedlings in the following spring well developed and ready to bloom. Remember to always keep the soil moist enough for the whole time of germination and an average temperature between 15-20 degrees.

Do not forget to multiply me by cuttings. Another method widely used for the multiplication of this type of plant is by cuttings, a well-known practice, namely the use of a sprig of the large plant, opposite cut and potted with potting soil or water in order to regenerate roots and then get a new plant. The best time to do this is before the summer, to give the cuttings time to regenerate in the summer.

Multiplication by division of the heads. This practice, used for the multiplication of herbaceous plants, consists in removing the plant from the ground, and physically divide the heads from the plant that we consider most appropriate and then plant them in different pots or flowerpots to obtain a new plant from the first. Late winter, early spring is the best time to perform this practice.

Don’t Forget me Flower by the Legendary Name

There are several legends about this flower and the origin of its particular name. Among the most common, the one that tells of two lovers who often loved to go on the banks of the Danube, and one day they were attracted and almost bewitched by the passage of those small and beautiful blue flowers carried by the current of the river. The young lover decided to take some to give to his beloved, but in this intent lost his balance and fell into the water. Legend has it that, unable to get out of the river, before drowning cry to his beloved just this phrase, “Do not forget me! Since then, this flower has been remembered by this name.

Another very common one tells that this flower was born by the work of the Child Jesus, with the intent to show his eyes to future generations, touched the ground with his hands and grew as if by magic just this flower.

Another legend that tells of this flower and its name speaks of God who at the time of giving the name to all creatures, including plants, having forgotten the name of the latter, a faint voice whispers to him just “do not forget me” and then God, listening to that voice, said then just that you will be called.

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