Everything You Need To Know For Perfect, Well-tended Hedges

A garden hedge is very beautiful to see and, above all, uniquely characterizes a green space to live in and enjoy to the full. Not all hedges, however, are the same and it is important to know how to choose the most suitable one and know and ideal plants.

The first thing to know is that there are evergreen and other hedge plants that bloom in a given season. For this reason, it is useful to choose the plant that suits your needs based on what effect you want to achieve.

Once you have chosen the plant, however, it is also important to have specific advice on how to treat it in the best possible way, so as not to end up with a badly treated hedge and ugly to see.

All The Best Hedge Plants

Whether it’s a large garden or a small domestic space, it doesn’t matter – a hedge may be required in both cases. For this reason, it is useful to understand how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

As mentioned above, there are many different hedge plants and understanding which one to choose to achieve the desired effect is extremely important.

The first aspect to take into consideration is both the final effect you want to achieve, but also the purpose for which you decide to make a nice hedge. Therefore, if the hedge is to be used to protect the house from the sun or prying eyes, then the choice should be to use garden hedges that are as tall as they are dense. To be clear, such a hedge should be able to reach a height of about 15 meters, so as to protect the house.

If, on the other hand, you only want to delimit an area of the garden or the green space, then plants that are much lower than those that tend to develop in width can also do well. In addition, if you want to mark the boundary of your house with a hedge that also acts as a protection, then in this case the advice is to go and choose plants with thorns.


Of all the evergreen hedge plants, undoubtedly one of the most chosen is the Lauroceraso and this because it is a plant that grows very quickly and reaches a beautiful height, able to cover the house. Moreover, being an evergreen, it is easy to cultivate and maintain and you have no problems for the too cold, for the parasites and so on.

An optimal choice, therefore, for those who want to have a beautiful hedge and cared for all year round. In addition, it should also be noted that, being of the family Rosaceae, is also good-looking. The flowers, which appear in April, are a gem.

In addition to knowing which plants to choose, for a perfect hedge, it is also useful to have a reference point for buying them. A specialized portal where in addition to Lauceraso you can also buy other hedge plants is undoubtedly mygreenhelp.com.


Another plant to choose is the so-called Ligustrum, a Japanese plant that, however, has found its natural habitat here in the Old Continent. It is a very suitable plant for the creation of a hedge that is also quite high and opaque. The flowering of this evergreen plant takes place in the period between June and September and the flowers are white and fragrant: a real delight for the eyes.


Also the Boxwood is a hedge plant much loved by those who want to have this kind of ornament in their garden. There are several varieties. The dwarf variety is very popular, with which beautiful and rounded shapes are recreated. The only precaution to be taken with this plant is not to put it in areas too cold, because it would not withstand the thermal impact.


Surely we can not even exclude the viburnum, scientific name Viburnum, is a kind of plant belonging to the family of Caprifoliaceae, native to Europe, America and Asia. Family composed of many different species, with many varieties with different characteristics. Depending on the species, the leaves of the viburnum, can be persistent or deciduous, smooth or wrinkled and generally very compact and dense, particularly suitable for creating hedges. Being then the viburnum a plant of easy cultivation, it can be, by sure, the ideal candidate in our choice. These are just a few suggestions for beautiful and lush hedges, able to protect the house from heat, wind, prying eyes, while at the same time going to embellish it. Hedges are also an excellent decorative tool.

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