How to Use a Manual Lawn Edger? Complete Guide

Do you have a lawn that just doesn’t seem to stay put? It’s always edging out over the sidewalks or into the flower beds. If this sounds like you, this guide is for you! Hopefully, it will help you tame that unruly lawn and make it behave.

There are quite a few different kinds of products that you can use to edge your lawn. I’ll cover manual lawn edgers.

Manual edgers, in general, are a great tool for neat, clean-looking gardens, yards and lawns. Edging your lawn is a great way to give the appearance of a professionally maintained lawn, and it’s easy to do. Just follow these simple tips to edging your lawn like a pro.

What is the Advantage of Manual Lawn Edger?

The greatest advantage of a manual lawn edger is that it is the cheapest type of lawn edger. It can be easily used by any person who is willing to have his own lawn edging. It is also easy to use and you can get the lawn edge in just a short time.

The manual lawn edger is quite easy to use as compared to the electric lawn edger. It is lightweight and it comes with a long handle.

How to Use a Manual Lawn Edger?

Do you have a question “how to use an edger”? The manual lawn edger is very easy to use. You just need to follow the instructions given to it to make sure that you use it properly. If you have any doubts, you can always refer to the manual that comes with it. Follow them meticulously so that you do not make any mistakes.

Steps for using the manual lawn edger

All you need to do is to follow the given steps for using the manual lawn edger. But before that, you need to assemble the blade, spinner, and handle.

Step 1: Level your lawn

Leveling your lawn is the first step to getting a good edger job. The lawn edger can only work properly if the lawn is level. So, if you are going to use this tool, make sure that you have your lawn in the same level.

Step 2: Select the right blade

Before using this tool, you need to select the right blade. This blade is the part of the tool that will be in contact with the lawn and will create the edge. There are few different blades available for the lawn edger. You need to select the blade that is appropriate for your lawn.

Step 3: Adjust the wheel height

After you have selected the right blade, you need to adjust the wheel height. This is a good practice to do to make sure that you can create a straight edge. The wheel height should be adjusted according to the height of the lawn.

Step 4: Set up your tool

After you have selected the right blade and you have adjusted the wheel height, you need to set up the tool. This can be done by sliding the blade until it is in the right position. This position needs to be adjusted according to the width of the blade and the size of the lawn. When the blade is at the right place, you need to tighten the bolt with the Allen key.

Step 5: Start edging

When the lawn edger is set up, you can start edging. To do this, you need to go along the lawn in a straight line. While you are edging, you need to remember to make sure that you don’t cut the grass too short. You can do this by dragging the blade along the ground. This will ensure that you don’t cut the grass too short.

Step 6: Pull the blade

After you have finished edging the lawn, you need to pull the blade back. This can be done by pulling the tool towards you. Pulling the blade back will also give you a straight edge.

Step 7: Put back the lawn edger

After you have finished edging the lawn, you need to put back the lawn edger. You should do this by following the steps in reverse order.

Step 8: Use the sharpening stone

If you are not satisfied with the result, then you can use the sharpening stone. This will help you to get a better result.

Step 9: Clean the lawn edger

After using the hand lawn edger, you need to clean it. You can do this by using a cleaning brush.

Manual Yard Edger FAQ

Manual yard edgers are a must for any yard. They provide a neat and decorative edge to your lawn, flower beds, and other areas of the landscape. They are easy to use and the process only requires a few quick steps. They are great for edging sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds. They are efficient and fast to operate, and the process is simple and straightforward. Manual yard edgers are easy to control and maneuver, and they will allow you to provide a professional-looking edge to your lawn. They are also great for creating clean edges for a variety of projects, such as gardens, beds, and more. However, if you have any questions, I`m gonna give you answers.

Are manual lawn edgers any good?

Manual lawn edgers are the best option for small jobs where you need to edge a small area or a single line of edging. If you’ve got a lawn that’s up to 0.6 acres (0.2 hectares), a manual grass edger should do the job.

Manual lawn edgers are best for edging where you don’t need to reach tight areas and can easily get to the sides of flower beds and borders. If you’ve got a very large lawn and are looking for a way to save money, a manual lawn edger is a good option.

Is it better to mow or edge first?

If you do not have a lot of grass to the edge, mow first and then edge. If you have a lot of grass to edge, mow last.

How can I edge my lawn without an edger?

Well, you can always rent an edger, but you can also do it with a simple string trimmer. By simply turning the spool of string upside down and cutting along the edge of your lawn, you’ll have a nice clean edge.

How deep will an edger cut?

An edger will cut up to about 1/4 inch deep into the soil. For deeper cuts, you’ll need to use a spade.

What’s the difference between an edger and a manual grass edge trimmer?

A trimmer is a tool that is used to trim or touch up the edges of the grass. Edgers are used to cut the edges of the grass at a 45-degree angle.

How do you sharpen manual rotary lawn edgers?

You will need a grinding stone with a slightly larger hole than the blade. The stone and the blade should have the same diameter.

Put the blade in the vice with the sharpened side down and fix it with the clamp. If your lawn edger has a magnetic tip, this should be put down.

You should clean the blade and the stone thoroughly. Now put the stone on the blade and rotate it.

How do you edge the sidewalk by hand?

First, we need to decide where we want to put the new concrete. You can edge a sidewalk by hand with a blade or trowel, or you can use a small power edger. The power edger is not a good option since it will take off the whole strip of sidewalk. With a trowel, you can make a nice thin line on the concrete. You can also use a small blade that is designed for this purpose.

If you want to use a blade, you will need to rent one. Most rental equipment places will not have the proper edging blade. I have rented a blade from my local rental place, but it was for a different purpose. I had to cut into a concrete wall and the blade that I rented was not the right one.

You can’t just use any blade you have at home to edge a sidewalk. You will need to rent or buy a blade that is specifically designed for edging.

If you have good control over your blade, you can use it to cut into the concrete. If you have little or no control of the blade, you need to use a trowel.

I prefer to use a small trowel to edge my sidewalks. I can cut the sidewalk quite well with it.


The manual lawn edger is very easy to use. If you are using the manual lawn edger, then you should keep your edger blade sharp and clean as it helps in giving a nice cut. You need to use the manual lawn edger gently as it can be dangerous.

I hope this guide will help you! Do you have any questions? Leave your comments below!


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