Remove and eliminate mice

To remove and eliminate mice you must rely on a professional service that must always be taken into account when an infestation is in the immediate vicinity of your home. So even if the mice have only been seen in the garden, it is still dangerous, especially if there are children and pets that may come into contact with the feces of mice. Sooner or later the mouse will try to get into the house, especially as autumn and winter approach, when temperatures drop.

Eliminating mice means first of all to know the biology of this pest. The mice are agile, intelligent and have incredible physical abilities. They walk on the vertical walls of buildings, jump up to 50 cm wide and take every opportunity to access your home. To remove and eliminate mice, it is good to always solve structural deficiencies and observe certain rules of behavior.

Mice are very prolific weeds, in fact a female can have up to 5 litters per year, on average a litter counts from 3 to 14 mice. It is therefore essential to address the problem of mice as soon as possible. Managing effectively infestations of mice is far from simple! Not only is it essential to find the most suitable solutions for the type of infestation, but it is also necessary to use any possible deratifiers in a correct way, especially evaluating their effectiveness. We must, in fact, consider the strong immunity that rodents have developed against products to eliminate mice and the lack of professionalism of improvised technicians with little knowledge of the pest.

If you are sure to have mice in the house, you must first remain calm and not make the wrong move. The fight against mice should be in the hands of Pest Control Experts. Mice find their way into houses because people usually offer them easy entrances. Even a hole as big as a pencil can allow the mouse to enter the house, this is because their bones are so elastic that they can get through anywhere. Not only is it important to close all the holes well, but it is also good not to attract mice with “easy” food.

Mouse traps

When you want to eliminate mice, you can not only use humane mouse traps, but you should always use anti-tamper boxes and placed in specially marked places. Rentokil offers a wide range of boxes and traps, which not only ensures effective control of mice anywhere in the house, apartment or garden, but also provides optimal protection: each box containing a rodenticide bait contains precise instructions.

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