Wind Flower Anemones From The Deep Meaning, Cultivation And Care

Anemone Or Wind Flower: Characteristics And Origins

The Anemone is a genus of plants belonging to the family of the ranunculaceae, comprising a hundred species originating both in Europe and South Africa and South America. Due to the huge variety of anemones the flower of this plant can take on different shades, for this reason, anemones are often chosen to give a touch of color to the garden or terrace.

Some varieties of these plants grow spontaneously and it is not difficult to find them in areas with little sunshine and shade in their natural state.

Anemones are herbaceous, perennial plants, with a height varying from 15 cm to even more than 1 m.

The flowers consist of a perigone formed by numerous colored tepals (may vary from white, pink, yellow, blue, red).

They have a high number of stamens and the fruit is an achene. They have partly enlarged roots in some rhizomatous species, such as in the Coronary anemone.

Wind Flower Anemone: Origin of the Name

The name of this genus, given by an ancient Greek botanical philosopher named Theophrastus, means flower of the wind for its fragile colored corollas that move at the slightest breath of wind.

Its link with the winds is also testified by the origin of the name ànemos, from the Greek wind.

Anemones Cultivation and Care

We have said that this plant belongs to a very large family many varieties have a high degree of polymorphism, i.e. they are very different even if they belong to the same family.

All varieties, however, prefer shaded exposure, light soil, acid or neutral, fresh.

Anemones Flowers Classified According To The Flowering Peridium

Anemones can be divided into spring and autumn anemones according to the flowering period.

Propagation of Anemones

The anemone spreads easily in springtime:

  • multiplication by division of the heads;
  • multiplication of roots by cutting.

For rhizomatous species, rhizomes removed from the ground during the summer rest period may be used.

The Ideal Soil For Anemones

The ideal soil for this kind of plants is a well drained soil, always humid, acidic or neutral provided it is rich in nutrients.

Exposure and Climate

The ideal exposure for this variety is shaded, while the climate is spring. Anemones do not tolerate large excursions and therefore not suitable for particularly cold places.

The Most Common Cultivated Anemones

The Anemone japonica is one of the most common species cultivated in summer-autumn flowering gardens, a very decorative perennial herbaceous plant, with large flowering stems that can reach more than 1 m, equipped with leaves, which support large flowers, white, pink or red in color.

While among the rhizomatous varieties, cultivated for producing cut flowers, the most common is the coronary anemone plant that resists well to the cold, with abundant production of single or double flowers, white, red, blue and purplish, with elegantly jagged leaves, or the Anemone fulgens with flowers colored red-living.

Anemones the Flowers in Mythology

Legend has it that Anemone was a nymph in the court of Flora. One day Zepphire and Boreas, two winds, fell in love with her, but Flora, jealous and annoyed, decided to punish Anemone by turning her into a flower.

The worst aspect of her sentence was that she was destined to open early and suffer the still cold Boreas north wind, which causes her fragile petals to spread in the air, so that by the arrival of Zepphire’s spring breeze the flower had already dried up.

Another legend narrated by Ovid, a Roman poet and scholar, tells that Adonis, killed by a wild boar, was cried by his beloved Venus.

To try to save Venus, he poured a magical substance on the blood of Adonis from which a beautiful flower, the anemone, was born.

Anemone Flower Meaning

The Anemone in the language of flowers, given its fragility and little durability, represents the abandonment, the transience of beautiful things.

When you give an anemone you want to express your sense of abandonment by pointing out that you have been forgotten put in the background or sometimes betrayed love.

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