How to protect flowers and plants from heat

With the summer comes the heat and the strong sun. The plants suffer this increase in temperature and in this article we want to recommend some actions you can do so that your plants and flowers do not suffer so much in summer. You will need water and 5×10 grow tent. Now that we are in the worst time of the year in terms of heat, it is necessary to take precautions to protect plants from the heat.

Steps to follow:

The first thing you should do is keep the soil of the plants moist, the plants and flowers need more water, but don’t overdo it, you can generate fungus if you water the plant a lot.

Try to move the plants away from the walls a little bit so that the mirror effect of the walls is less. The heat from the walls is transmitted to the plant.

It is also important that you put something between the plant and the soil to prevent it from suffering so much.

Watering the plant in summer is very important, it should be done in the afternoon when there is a lower level of evaporation. In addition, the strong sun can stain and burn the wet foliage. Pour water at the foot of the plant, with lentitus, so that it penetrates well, without ever wetting the trunk.

Use scissors to remove the drying flowers to promote uninterrupted flowering.

Try to ensure that the plants and flowers in your house are not always exposed to the sun during the day. Cover them with a net or try to put them near bushes.

To help them continue to grow, cut off any wilted flowers or leaves and of course add fertilizer from time to time, either liquid or in soil to make them stronger so that they grow much healthier.

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Depending on the pot they have and the type of material, they will need deeper or less watering. For example, porous or wide-mouth pots need more frequent watering than plastic pots, as they conserve less moisture.